Case Study: Creative Tourist Business Hack

3 months ago, Creative Tourist approached HackMyBusiness for support developing the business: addressing some practical business structure and process issues with the aim of enabling it to become more efficient, scale effectively and grow in a sustainable way. Manchester-based Creative Tourist Limited is a successful publishing, events and communications agency that helps put cultural destinations […]

What is this Brand thing?

  Hack Squad brand specialist Simon Strong considers what people mean when they talk about a BRAND …     I spent my formative business years in advertising (Saatchi & Saatchi, Bates UK, 141 WorldWide) and everyone talked about Brand. They talked about Brand Values, Brand Hierarchies, Brand Visions, Brand Onions, Brand Strategies, Brand ID’s, […]

What is Innovation?

If you ask around about what innovation actually is, you may well get many different answers. One common answer you will probably get is that innovation is linked to creative idea generation (some call that ideation). Whilst creative ideas are important (for us it this is encapsulated within ‘re-imagining’ or even ‘imagining’), we believe that […]

Case Study: Deliverd Culture Hack

          We recently led a culture hack to help innovative and fast growing tech start-up Deliverd ( to deepen their understanding of their organisational culture and harness the creative talents of all staff to explore and agree the culture and behaviours they need to ensure sustainable and successful business growth.  Deliverd […]