Hack my Energy Costs



Hack Squad sustainability and energy expert Mark Woodward muses on the energy usage for his business …



While gazing out of my office window I am mesmerised by the relentless rotation of our two wind turbines. They symbolise all that we have achieved so far in our quest to develop a sustainable business, representing the development of our vision and the action we took to turn it into a reality.


Historically, we did not prioritise reducing our energy costs. We paid quarterly demands for oil and electricity without question, making little attempt to understand the bills or to consider how we might reduce them. We perceived no opportunity to do anything other than accept what was supplied and pay what was demanded. We never thought about making our own energy or even changing to a different energy supplier.

Smart businesses follow a different path. Taking steps to reduce energy demand, generate energy and change energy supplier all offer tremendous opportunities for businesses to reduce costs and raise profitability.

Reducing energy use, one of the highest business costs, is a great place to start. It helps businesses become more sustainable and secure by making cash go further, reducing emissions and generating a positive company social ethos.
Evidence and Impact

Here is a graph of Green Directions’ energy generation and consumption over the past 10 years during which time we have turned energy from a cost into an income.