Hack Squad

Hack Squad

We have a fantastically broad pool of talent, expertise and experience available to bring to hack day facilitation, hack planning and business change / implementation / execution projects.

Here are just some of them and a selection of the talents they bring:


Toby Rhodes

Innovation, Facilitation, Entrepreneurship, Culture & Behaviour, Stakeholder Engagement, Business Change, Learning & Development, Systems Thinking

linkedin /tobyrhodes


Barney Smith

Strategy, Commercial, Creative & Disruptive Thinking, Knowledge Management, Supply Chain Management

linkedin /performgreen


Bea Marshall

Behaviour Change Management, Mindset Reset, Team Dynamics and Communication, Resolving Limiting Beliefs, Thought Inquiry, Transformational Coaching, Individual and Team Alignment.

linkedin /bea-marshall-777660b7


Simon Strong

Brand, Innovation, Culture, Communications, Creative & Disruptive Thinking, e-Learning, Human Behaviour

linkedin /simonstrong


Douglas Cameron

Graphic Facilitation, Innovation, Facilitation, Creative Problem Solving


Minnie Yusaf

Digital Strategy, Community Manager, Service Design, Project Management, Technology, Human Centred Design, Facilitation

linkedin /mahnazyusaf


Adam Beard

Sales Promotion, Brand, Communications, Business Growth, Mergers & Aquisitions

linkedin /adambeard


Shruti Bhargava

Systems Thinking, Strategy, Leadership, Transformation, Organisational Development, Change Management, Programme Management, Trouble-Shooting

linkedin /shrutibhargava


Mark Woodward

Sustainability, Energy Management, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Learning and Development

linkedin /mark-woodward-a8428929

Emily Sargeantson

Emily Sargeantson

Learning and development, Digital media, Game design, Coaching and mentoring, User experience design, Engagement, Process improvement

linkedin /emily-sargeantson-7b914428


Rob Mazic

Graphic Design, Website Design, Communications, Brand, Process Improvement

linkedin /rob-mazik-5a9aa448


Claire Burn

Learning and development, Digital media, Coaching and mentoring, User experience design, E-learning, Video, Learning events, Apps

linkedin /claireburn


Mark Sinclair

High performing teams, Creativity skills & culture, Leadership development Employee engagement, Building coaching capability

linkedin /mapsinclair


Andie Brazewell

Facilitation, Strategy Development, Executive Team Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Event Management, Creative Programme Design, Horizon Scanning, Future Thinking

linkedin /andie-brazewell-969829